Baldox Computing

Qualified and experienced computer engineering to fix your problem and get you operational.

The need to upgrade a computer system, or network device, or component, arises all the time. The IT world is moving quickly, and it is not always easy to keep up in such a fast paced environment. Inevitably, we all find ourselves using technology that is not quite up to scratch.

Sometimes, you can extend the life of your laptop, computer, or other device with a memory upgrade or new hard disk. We can help you decide the best route to take when evaluating your IT needs, and we can carry out upgrades to your systems for you safely, and with experienced hands.

With the range of technology available today, and the huge variety of types of components, knowing what is required for each system can be a tricky task in itself. We can make this easy for you, and ensure your upgrade is carried out efficiently and without any costly errors.