Baldox Computing

Qualified and experienced computer engineering to fix your problem and get you operational.

  • Business IT Support
  • Internet Solutions
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Virus Removal
  • Fault Fixing
  • Networking
  • Upgrades
  • Design

Business IT Support

We are dedicated to providing small businesses with a reliable and professional person they can turn to in times of need. We understand how important your IT infrastructure is when it comes to running your business, and our expert knowledge in a wide range of computing areas means we can provide bespoke and adhoc support to your business to keep you operating smoothly.

Internet Solutions

Ensuring your Internet connection is properly configured and suitable for your environment is vital to ensure you are maximising your potential for business, or for the simple enjoyment of your service. We can assist with router and firewall configuration challenges - as well as other Internet based services such as e-mail, domains, and websites.

Laptop Repairs

Laptops can develop faults for various reasons, and in most cases a part replacement is required. We can inspect your laptop to find where a fault has occurred, order the necessary parts, and fit the parts. Our expertise in this area will ensure your laptop is repaired to the highest standard and minimal chance of the same fault re-occurring.

Virus Removal

Computers can easily become infected with viruses and malware even if you use anti-virus software. Very often, computer users have unwanted programs running on their machines for a long time without realising. This can cause major issues with performance, as well as being a risk to your privacy and data. Our expert malware removal service can help get your computer running at its optimal speed.

Fault Fixing

If your computer or network hardware has developed a fault, we can find it and fix it. Hardware faults can be rectified with parts replacement or component level repairs. Software issues can be investigated and resolved.


Connecting your router, switches, laptops, and other devices to your network can be an unfathomable task. We have the networking experience to make this easy for you. We can design an overall network solution for you, or simply make changes to existing infrastructure where required. Wireless network connectivity issues can be analysed and recommendations made.


If you require a router upgrade, or computer component upgrade (such as memory, or graphics card), we will be able to help. Upgrades to computer systems need to be carried out professionally and carefully to ensure the risk of causing damage or increasing downtime is minimised.


The Baldox Design division can assist with your graphic design needs.