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Malware infected computers are rife. Viruses and dangerous software programs are spreading and changing all the time, there are hundreds of thousands of devices being used that are infected with malicious software.

These infected machines pose a huge risk to users; personal information can be collected, data can be deleted or hijacked, or the device can be used to carry out attacks on other networks and systems.

Much of the time, users do not realise they are carrying a malware infected device.

However, malware can also manifest itself in obvious and annoying ways. Hijacking your computer to serve adverts to you, or redirect you to websites you do not wish to see. These irritating malware programs can slow your computer down to unusable speeds, and make your IT experience frustrating beyond control.

Don't panic! Contact us to help. We can locate the gremlins and remove them, and ensure your system is up to date and secure against the latest threats - leaving you with a safe and optimised computer once again.