Baldox Computing

Qualified and experienced computer engineering to fix your problem and get you operational.

Internet access plays a vital role in everyone's lives. We rely upon it heavily, and when we have Internet access issues - we feel at a loss. Good knowledge of connectivity devices, and good troubleshooting skills can ensure more reliable Internet and minimise downtime.

With our vast experience with Internet troubleshooting, we can ensure a fast turnaround time if you are having issues.

Sometimes it can be a huge task to solve the less obvious issues - such as dropping connections, and slow speeds... but we have the knowledge and expertise to investigate and fix these kinds of problems for you, and bring your Internet connection back to life and ensure you are running at your optimum productivity.

We can take away your headache of dealing with Internet providers, and take on any other frustrations you may have had, and provide you with real solutions from real expert knowledge.

Changing Internet provider

If you are intending on changing provider, or changing some of your equipment, contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you to make an informed choice to ensure you experience less downtime and more quality and productive Internet access.